3D action game not to be missed in 2018

3D action game not to be missed in 2018; Nowadays, in order to meet the increasing demand in entertainment games, game developers have constantly tried to bring gamers the best games, with beautiful 3D images that players can not Deny from playing these games.

3D action game not to be missed in 2018

1/ Hyper Light Drifter

Another Indie title with a mesmerizing world. This action game online free takes you to a ruined world where the past meets future.Take a scenic look as every chapter feels like a modern-day painting. As a Drifter, your role is to uncover memories and explore its hand-crafted world. Combat is easy to pick up, but it’s difficult to master.

Hyper Light Drifter
Hyper Light Drifter

Survive by upgrading your weapons and yourself because the enemies are vicious and strange.

It receives a PlayScore of 8.83

2/ Mushihimesama

Dive into desert landscapes and lush forests, battle against their gigantic Koju bugs, and try your hand against their colorful, hypnotic patterns.

With three of their original game modes in full-HD form, it’s bullet hell experience you’ll keep coming back to. Taking its origins in the PlayStation 2 era of 2005, it’s a classic brought back to life. It has a PlayScore of 8.84

3/ This War Of Mine

While most games focus on the battlefields, this survival game shines a spotlight on the tragic misery of civilian lives.

Experience the true horrors of war rearing its ugly head. Play as four characters, trying to survive through weeks of hunger, thirst, and loneliness.

This War Of Mine
This War Of Mine

You’ll be faced with difficult decisions that will test your moral fiber. Will you die just to let others survive?

It has a PlayScore of 8.85

4/ Terraria

If you look at it, it feels like Minecraft’s little 2D brother. While similarities do exist, there’s a lot of differences when it comes to the gameplay. Terraria lets you play at your pace. Go gung-ho and start digging deep into caves guarded by monsters. Or take it easy.

Claim your little turf, mine herbs, gather weapons… before taking that grand quest for epic loot and rare items.

So start exploring, prepare to fight and build your own virtual home.

It receives a PlayScore of 8.86.

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