Banny Monkey Sammy – interested game for you

Do you remember the time when Flappy Bird game became famous? At that time the success of the game has a great impact on many young IT people in Vietnam as well as around the world. The success of the game has created a wave of startup game that is “very loud” in Vietnam and perhaps “inspirational Flappy Bird” to this moment is still very strong. However, it was not Flappy Bird that started our youth A very interesting puzzle game called Banny Monkey Sammy. banny Before entering the gameplay you will encounter a map of the game. Game with a rather large map system. Currently, the game has four chapters, 144 levels and will be updated in the future. All over the map is a great interactive system for you to entertain after a while of thinking for the game. In addition to the crates and commercials available so you can collect the gems, you can also interact with a lot of interesting things. For example, you can touch trees to “shake” them, when shaken the trees may fall to the monkey’s favorite food and bear like apples or honey, if they are nearby they will run. left to eat. Or you can touch the water to “touch” the fish, the ticked fish will jump and “accidentally” fall into the mouth of the “waiting” bears on the shore. Very interesting and fun. What about the game? As mentioned, the player’s mission in the game is to help the Banny Bear and Sammy the Monkey find their favorite food. You can touch the wooden blocks to break them to bring the monkey and the bear to the food. With blocks, you can not break them by hand (of course!), So you will need a hammer. The hammer will be “stored” in the top left hand box, the hammer is used should not use indiscriminately nhé you. In addition to the hammer there is a bird help but how do you find yourself. Hamsters and birds can be bought with gems in the shop, if you do not want to spend real money to buy gems, you can still get gems by opening inventory or watching bonus videos. All are available in the map. The game will be designed according to the increasing difficulty, so do not rush to evaluate the game when you easily pass the first 10-20 level offline. Well if you feel the game is too fast and you are not ready to respond to high scores, do not worry, game “equipped teeth” for you always. In the bottom right corner is the game speed management button, you can make game 1/2 or 1/4 slow down, too great right? You can refer to other games or at the game store:

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