Battle Shot – breathtaking space shooter game for you

  Today, would like to introduce you a very attractive outer space shooter game called Battle Shot. This is the product of Tomic, a game studio of a Vietnamese independent game developer. Because it is a standalone developer, the games of “her” (as well as other independent developers) are not well represented in graphics. However, the strengths of independent game developers are a new, creative and engaging gameplay. The common goal of independent developers is to create a game that challenges or helps entertain players through short gameplay. And you can see this in Battle Shot. >>> barbie games for girls battlw Battle Shot is a very simple but not boring game. Players will be confronted with many enemies from the moment they hit the play button, and they will not be able to take their eyes off the screen if the game is not finished (unless they pause). With two controls on each side, one side to move the space ship, one side to navigate the barrel, the player must move continuously and watch continuously to prevent the enemy from approaching the space ship. they. The game is so simple that anyone can play after only 30 seconds. Well designed, the game will never overwhelm the player in the first minute, even later, the number of enemies will not be too much – enough to give the player a way out. However, with the amount of “blood buffalo”, they will cling to the large clusters behind you. Also, for the game to become more serious, the author also randomly “drop” a few bosses with large amounts of blood for you to kill. Blood will also fall out randomly, so you can stay longer. Destroying enemies and bosses will bring you some money and points. Score to save your record and the money you can use them to upgrade the spaceship such as blood, defense time, shooting power … If you have a little “blood gambling,” you can go to the bar to bet and get rich from your luck. This is really a fun feature for players so players can release stress after a long time “steering” the spacecraft and fight with the bloodiest enemies in the universe. Battle Shot is simple but very interesting and attractive. The game is released for free on Android, if you want to download the game experience at the following link.

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