Best action games for android online

Best action games for android online; check out our pick of our favourite new Android games, as well as what we think are the best Android games of all time. Play now any of these titles on your Android phone or tablet and you’ll soon be wondering where the time’s gone.

Best action games for android online

1/ Island Delta

Island Delta was published by the fine folks at Noodlecake Studios, which alone makes it worth checking out. Developed by Mantisbite out of Finland and released for iOS in late 2016, Island Delta brings unique top-down action-adventure-puzzler fun to Android. You’re tasked with exploring a mysterious retro-futuristic island with your heroes, Zoe and Baxter, as you try to take down the evil Doctor Gunderson and his army of henchmen.

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Island Delta
Island Delta

Using your anti-gravity gun, you must work your way past mechanical minions, traps, and guards as you solve puzzles to make it through to the end of each level. At times Island Delta feels like a stripped down, third-person version Portal, which is something I wasn’t aware I needed in my life.

The cartoony graphics and outstanding level design will immediately draw you in, but this game can get seriously challenging at times. Fortunately, the game is fairly forgiving with checkpoints.

Check out our full review of Island Delta for a more in-depth look at what this game has to offer.

2/ Minecraft Pocket Edition

Another Android game that will appeal to small- and big kids alike is Minecraft Pocket Edition, the mobile version of the Minecraft game played on PCs, laptops and consoles. It’s not free, but £2.99 is a fair trade for the hours it will keep you or the kids entertained.

Minecraft Pocket Edition
Minecraft Pocket Edition

If you’ve never heard of Minecraft, crawl out from under whichever rock you’re hiding. Minecraft is a construction sim with endless possibilities – if you can think of something you can build it. So it’s not just fun, it’s also creative and educational. Awesome.

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3/ Penarium

Penarium is a tough-as-nails platformer created by Team 17, who you probably remember best from the Worms franchise. Whereas Worms was a slow-paced strategy game, Penarium is on the opposite end of the spectrum featuring fast-paced action and requiring quick reflexes to survive.

It tells the tale of a Willy, a portly farm boy who’s always longed for adventure. One day, a circus show rolls into town and Willy decides to run away for a bit of fun and excitement. But unfortunately, this is no ordinary circus — it’s Penarium, the sadistic circus extravaganza!

Willy’s the next contestant in their twisted game, where the goal is to smash the barrels while dodging all sorts of devious traps and weaponry. This game was originally released on Steam, but the gameplay is ideal for mobile devices. The platforming action here is really tight, with a rotating variety of traps and weapons keeping things fresh.



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