Buddy Rush: The Legends – Save the Kingdom

Buddy Rush: The Legends is an entertaining RPG for Android devices that is exciting and fun for all ages to play. Developed by Korean app developer Company100 Inc., Buddy Rush: The Legends is pretty much the epitome of what role playing games should look and feel like – well-balanced graphics and well-designed gameplay that is made for mobile devices. unnamed1-300x188

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Features Buddy Rush: The Legends boasts quite a few remarkable features that help add on to the already awesome vibes of this RPG, one of which we particularly loved – the PvP (Player vs. Player) Arena mode that lets you battle it out with other players online! We loved the ease of the battle matchmaking and being able to go up against a real person. This game also features a fun story-like mode called Mission Mode that puts the player on a quest to save the Kingdom with over 13 different chapters and 122 missions. Another feature that’s great about Buddy Rush: The Legends was the level of customization offered – players can customize their “Buddy” with tons of different types of gear that also increases their Buddy’s stats. According to the developers, there are over 150 variations of different buddies to use and collect in battles. There is also a Raid Mode that pits players against tough bosses in attempts to earn better loot. The only con to Buddy Rush: The Legend was the amount of time it took to download the additional Resources after installing the game. It kept crashing or failing to fully download the Resources, but eventually (after several hours!) it finished and we were able to play it.

Buddy Rush Android Game

Overall, Buddy Rush: The Legends is a splendid Android RPG that can entertain players for hours if you have the free space available and patience to handle the additional downloads. Appearance and Layout The appearance of Buddy Rush: The Legends is attractive with cute characters and cartoonish 3D graphics. Since it is mobile-friendly, the 3D graphics aren’t anywhere on par with computer or console game, but they work well in this application. The layout of the app is fairly normal of RPGs, and incorporates lots of the typical UI often seen in mobile RPGs, such as action buttons (spells and various attacks) as well as an easily viewable health and experience meter. The general appearance and layout of Buddy Rush: The Legends is great for a 3D role playing game and we found it a pleasure to view and use. Value Buddy Rush: The Legends is free to install and is a 46 MB download (and an additional ~700 MB Resources download). There are various in-app purchases that players can make, ranging from $2.99 all the way up to $99.99 per item. The replay value of Buddy Rush: The Legends is essentially forever since players can still play against other players in the PvP mode if they’ve already completed the campaign Mission Mode.

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