How To Create Minecraft Mini Games 2018

There are various mini games you can play in minecraft, some are easy to create while others require quite some effort. We’ve written a lot of guides on many different mini games, some of which have several different versions explained in them.

We’ve also build several maps and other game arenas for most bigger mini games, which you can download as a world save and as a schematic. You can click on each mini game title below to take you to their individual guides with more detailed information.

Archery Competition

Compete with your friends or with the whole server and find out who’s a true Robin Hood and bow master of your server.


Arena Battles

Destroy your enemies or fight of waves of mobs, either on your own or as a group. The possibilities are endless in any game of battle between friends, factions or servers.


Boat Races

Who’s the fastest and best sailor on your server? Find out by creating a long track with wild water rapids, water elevators, traps and other obstacles and make people race each other.


Capture the Flag

This popular mini game is all about defeating the enemy team and taking their flag. Whether you use a plugin or not, capture the flag is always great fun, especially with a group of friends and a great map.


Castle Wars

Fire the cannons and destroy the enemy castle! Castle wars is all about the total destruction of your opponents and their castle.


Connect Four

Play this classic game with a friend (or enemy) and find out who’s the best.


Conquer the Sheep

Conquer the sheep is a fun mini game in which 2 teams battle each other to get the most wool in the color of their team. You simply use dyes to colour the sheep and then either shear or kill them for their wool.


Duck Hunter

This classic NES game is a great mini game which is incredibly easy to set up. You can play on your own or challenge your friends and find out who’s the best hunter around.


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