Destiny 2.5.0 Patch Notes: Crucible Players Can Now Agree to Forgo Heavy Ammo by Waving

Destiny’s The Dawning event kicked off earlier today. Bungie has now provided full patch notes for the new 2.5.0 update that arrived alongside it, and they do more than just launch the event.

For instance, there have been a number of adjustments to Crucible, such as adjusting the score limit in certain modes, rewards, and the amount of Super energy you gain in Supremacy. Most intriguing among the changes is one that Bungie discussed previously but has now implemented: Players can agree to prevent heavy-weapon ammo from spawning during the match. This is done by having every player in the match do the wave emote within the first 30 seconds of a round.

Other tweaks not related directly to The Dawning includes the addition of a Silver Dust store at the Tower, letting you buy certain items in exchange for Silver Dust. Those include Exotic weapon ornaments, which are no longer sold by Xur. Xur does, however, sell Exotic Shards again, and the Heavy ammo synths he sells now come in stacks of 10.

Green engrams, which are by and large worthless to level 40 players beyond the materials they can be dismantled into, are now dismantled automatically when picked up. The first weekly Radiant Treasure reward is now granted to players after they complete their first PvP match of the week, and Petra now offers new bounties that reward Queen’s Wrath reputation. Skeleton Keys will drop more frequently from SIVA Crisis and SIVA Crisis Heroic playlists, as well as the weekly Nightfall. You’re also guaranteed a Skeleton Key for completing the Nightfall each week.

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