Dragon Quest XI Review: Best Roleplaying Game in 2018

Dragon Quest XI is the most obvious proof of the fact that there are things that do not need to be changed, since they themselves are already perfect from the beginning.

So after a long time, the most anticipated JRPG of the year is Dragon Quest XI finally arriving. This re-release of Dragon Quest XI is a priceless gift for classic RPG fans, as it is the most complete game that this series has ever made.

The plot changed and featured

The protagonist of the game is the embodiment of the heroes before the dark lord, who holds the power of light as the Luminary. At the time of the game, the kingdom where the protagonist was born was attacked by monsters, Luminary was later lost by an old man adopted and by the age of 16 was fated to begin his journey. .

In general, the story of Dragon Quest XI, though, still retains the old style of light vs darkness, but it’s a much darker and more saddened way. Unlike the old parts of the Hero’s journey, the Luminary of Dragon Quest XI is more troubling, you will see the deaths often in the game as Luminary is betrayed, buried. stumbled and lost all over before the Dark Lord, something unprecedented in the Dragon Quest series.

Dragon Quest XI writers have been trying hard to keep the spirit of the game, but there is a change in the plot. This time they have succeeded in turning Dragon Quest into a deep-seated, knotty game throughout the game, but without losing the traditional JRPG style.

Improved play

The most notable improvement of Dragon Quest XI is that it uses the grid skill, which allows the player to visualize the character’s direction as well as calculate exactly how much points he or she needs to level. Another add-on is the new feature called Pep Up, where each character receives enough damage, the character will transform the whole statistic, even if there are two members with Pep Up, they will coordinate. Together they launched the ultimate attack. There are hundreds of ways to combine Pep Up in Dragon Quest XI, which pushes the game’s calculations to a higher level, not just the Tension gong and the Dragon Quest VIII.

Dragon Quest XI retains the usual turn-based battle style, but adds a player’s right to change the party in battle. With up to seven members, plus dozens of interactive skills and the combined ability of Pep Up, Dragon Quest XI offers a more tactical experience than previous versions. The number of tricks and tactics in the game is almost endless, not to mention how to build the party to be effective when the boss encounters more.

Each of the bosses in Dragon Quest XI is like having to do a very hard math, we have to find clues to solve, but once you have the results you will be surprised why. Everything is so simple. Believe me, the bosses in Dragon Quest XI are challenging not easy for anyone, they are not only strong but also have special mechanisms to make players difficult. Imagine a boss getting three times each turn, having almost one character removed from the game, and two combos that would take over the whole party … This problem is unlikely to be an international contest.

In addition to adding the skill set and Pep Up, the rest of Dragon Quest XI’s playstyle has nothing to do with the previous versions. Those who are fans of this series will find the familiar points: weapon system and skills, training, mechanics and other miscellaneous. Those who want to find a complete change should not play Dragon Quest XI, because of the same retention of the old JRPG old traditions of this series already.

Great images accompany excellent sound

The Draconian Quest (the other way of Hardmode) was first seen in Dragon Quest XI, which is a special change that only appears in the international version. It’s the most challenging game ever made. Draconian Quest has transformed Dragon Quest XI into a completely new one, turning the game into something of tremendous replay value. The thing that Dragon Quest has always been lacking is the “hardcore” level of play, with Draconian Quest everything has changed, like a perfect piece missing from a masterpiece.

The image in Dragon Quest XI can be used with the word “flawless” to envision, it deserves to be the most beautiful part of the entire series ever. Dragon Quest XI has taken a long leap forward in improving the environment, its exteriors are said to be extremely majestic, with waterfalls, high mountains and huge fields stretching out to the eye. With Photo Mode and the ability to turn the camera into a first-person perspective, players will really be overwhelmed with what Dragon Quest XI brings. Speaking of character design and landscape, Dragon Quest XI is almost the best JRPG ever to appear on the Playstation 4.

The character of Dragon Quest XI was taken over by the great painter Toriyama Akira, the fans of the seven Dragon Pearls will recognize the familiar familiarity on each block they will pass through. Especially in Dragon Quest XI, the face design of the female character is very detailed investment or say exactly in this beautiful girl game, a big step for those who like to work with the photographer. mode.

The music in Dragon Quest XI follows the mainstream style, but it is a bit sad, right from the first track in the intro, the player feels the essence of a pure adventure game. . Dragon Quest XI is especially focused on the individual cut scenes, especially the flashbacks or recesses in the storyline, where you will find melancholy and sad music that goes through the whole of the game. The good points of Dragon Quest XI is that the style remains the same over the years, but it always knows how to refresh to surprise the fans.

Every point about Dragon Quest XI is excellent, the only downside is probably not suitable for those who are not JRPG fans. The journey with Dragon Quest XI will cost you over 100 hours and believe me, it deserves every second of experience. Dragon Quest XI is a testament to the saying that sometimes things do not change, because it is the best thing ever since birth.


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