How to Edit Your Appearance in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Consider all the ones antique cartoons wherein the characters wore the same garments each episode? for instance, did the Scooby-Doo gang now not even have closets with other clothes? Yeah, you don’t need your Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp character to go through that destiny.

How to Edit Your Appearance in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

There’s no want for it either, animal crossing pocket camp as the sport provides you with the opportunity to exchange tops, bottoms, footwear or even socks, plus lets in your avatar to get a groovy hat or  as nicely. it’d nearly be impolite not to take gain of these possibilities for personalization.

So permit’s ensure we don’t. converting clothes is simple, as you genuinely tap on the ‘objects’ icon on the bottom nav bar and then faucet on the blouse icon to convey up the ‘My garments’ display screen.

Pocket Camp
How to Edit Your Appearance in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Via default, pocket camp animal crossing you’ll see all of the clothes to your collection, however you may additionally use the sub-tabs to type with the aid of simply tops, bottoms, hats, footwear and socks, in that order. without a doubt tap on any garb item, then the large “wear” button at the bottom of the screen to put it on, or tap ‘get rid of’ for an item you are already carrying to take it off.

But allow’s say you want to make modifications for your appearance which are more than simply dresser-deep. you can also make a whole new you (now not like in Logan’s Run, although, as that might be creepy) with the aid of converting the hair, eye and pores and skin shade putting you picked whilst you first began gambling Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

To accomplish that, tap the ‘more’ option inside the backside nav, then tap ‘Settings’ and the wrench icon. right here you’ll see a pop-up window with a big button inside the middle labeled ‘Edit individual.’ Tapping on that brings up the subsequent screen:

As you may see, you may alternate your hairstyle, eye shape and the colors of your hair, eyes and skin. That’s numerous options, and unlike many cell games, Animal Crossing lets you exchange any or they all without cost.

Now that you recognize all the ways to exchange matters up, there’s virtually no purpose to maintain things uninteresting and the identical. Don’t be one of those Scooby-Doo children.

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