Evil within review: The return of the master game horror

Evil within review, The evil within kidman, The evil within ps4 review Friday October 13th marks the premiere of The Evil Within 2, the latest horror film by Tango Gameworks, developed by Shinji Mikami (father of Resident Evil). Like Evil Within before, this game continues to take us to see Sebastian Castellanos – a miserable father holding onto another fragile opportunity to rescue his daughter from the frightening world of the Union clan.

Reviews on The Evil Within 2 have begun to emerge on the internet, and most critics agree that the game offers significant improvements over its predecessor.

Game: The Evil Within 2 Developer: Tango Gameworks Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC Release Date: October 13, 2017 Price: 60 USD GameSpot – 8/10

“Although there are a number of technical issues that often cause uncomfortable moments, and unusual game-rhythm problems, this sequel continues to advance the horror experience, nervous and nervous in new, interesting ways.

This type of “brain” torture is not something new, but it seldom happens repeatedly, and often brings a lot of surprises. In a complete, 15-hour campaign, Part 2 accomplishes the task of creating tension and fear as needed, while allowing you the freedom to explore and do it. do what you want.

It was a really tough challenge to get a good balance between these two, but Evil Within 2 did, and it did not forget to leave a lasting impression after the closing touchdown. “- Alessandro Fillari

IGN – 8/10

“The Evil Within 2 gives you more options to experience in a survival horror game much larger than the original version. Although the plot is somewhat fragmentary and the main character is rather fuzzy, the start of the episode is sluggish, being pursued in a mysterious world full of scary monsters still makes the heart But I jumped out of my throat. Its success comes from adhering to the most important survival horror rule: always keep your eyes on the back. ” – Lucy O’Brien

Game Informer – 7.75 / 10

“The Evil Within 2 has done a great job of expanding the scale of the series and shows the possibility of becoming a big name over the horror genre – even if it relies heavily on borrowing ideas. The character development process and the difficulty level have created a satisfying loop that requires players to be resourceful and strategic.

But the key points and structure of it are not built, developed and maximized from the borrowed ideas to make players feel fresh or interesting. As a result, we have an adventurous adventure that can bring back some cool moments at the moment, but the writer does not think that he or she will be asleep due to the nightmares that this game brings. “- Suriel Vazquez

Gamerant – 4.5/5

“The Evil Within 2 silly cast is not for everyone, but those who are longtime fans of the horror genre will appreciate it. They will also love the combination of classic survival horror, combining modern elements with open world contexts, cutting edge graphics and storytelling.

With the success of all these elements, The Evil Within 2 easily becomes one of the greatest survival horror games of recent times and is a significant step forward from its predecessor. “- Dalton Cooper

Gamesradar+ – 3.5/5

The Evil Within 2 is not completely out of the shadow of the first game. But even if it’s not as bold and unique as the predecessor, you do not have to worry about gameplay mechanics that cause a lot of frustration or erratic fluctuations in difficulty. If you love and dedicate to the original game a small corner in your heart, you will definitely enjoy this sequel.

After a 16-hour journey with Sebastian, my experience of The Evil Within 2 is a mix of fears, tension, challenging battles, and psychedelic phobias. very impressive “- Lucas Sullivan.

Some reviews from other famous sites:

PlayStation LifeStyle – 8/10 The Games Machine – 8.2/10 CGMagazine – 8/10 Digital Trends – 8/10 Twinfinite – 8/10 GamesRadar+ – 7/10 GameSpace – 8.2/10 PCGamesN – 8/10 Game Revolution – 7/10 The Evil Within 2 is currently being released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. According to some preliminary reviews, the PC version is experiencing some performance problems that affect the gamer’s experience. Game4v will have more articles in the near future.

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