Farming Simulator 14: Be in charge of your own farm and its resources


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Buddy Rush: The Legends – Save the Kingdom Desert Stormfront – Full Real-Time Strategy on your phone! There are all sorts of simulation apps out there, everything from flight simulators to people simulators. One thing you probably haven’t encountered yet is a farming simulation, but that changes today with Farming Simulator 14. Farming Simulator 14 is pretty much what it sounds like: a simulation app that puts you in charge of your own virtual farm. You’ll get to start an agricultural career from the ground up, pun intended. You’ll be in charge of all your resources, including land, the fields, what you’re planting, the tools you’re using, and when the best time to harvest is. There are tons of farm machines ready for you to use, and you can control them with a slick interface. On top of that, you can even play this game with a friend in a free roaming open world over wifi and bluetooth. This gives you even more potential results with a fun multiplayer mode that only enhances the experience. You’ll have plenty of work to do, like mowing the grass, tending the fields, creating hay bales, and so much more, but it’s work that pays off. Even if you’re a city slicker there is a lot for you to enjoy here with Farming Simulator 14, so grab it for free and enjoy it while the weekend is still fairly young.  

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