Farming Simulator 16: Everyone will have to farm at some point–Game Review

Farming Simulator 16: Everyone will have to farm at some point

It’s interesting what happens when a gaming bug hits you. It’s both different and similar for all gamers – different in that it will be different genres at different times for most users, and similar because we all know what happens when it hits us – that is, we are inexplicably hooked to the game no matter how illogical it may seem. Take care, because that’s what might happen to you if you get hit by the farming sim bug. And probably the best farming app to waste your time on – Farming Simulator 16.


Farming Simulato

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If you haven’t really been on a farm, starting the game might be an overwhelming situation for you. Luckily enough, there are beginners’ guides that exist just so you’d feel right at home, and say for a fact that you really had a farm (eeyah-eeyah-yowhh!). What you basically start with is a few fields of your own, and one of them ready for harvesting just you could get your boots dirty, so to speak. The other one is ready for sowing, and you also get a harvester (obviously), a tractor, a few handy appendages to your tractor, and a bit of capital cash. Now all you have to do is turn a profit.


Farming Simulato

How the heck do you do that? Well, it’s basically virtual work – you plant, you harvest, you sell your crops and get cash to buy better stuff, repeat, buy more land so you can plant more crops, repeat, over and over. It’s not the most exciting game you’ll find out there. But when the bug bites, you’ll find that this game is a veritable narcotic – it’s heck addictive. You’ll find yourself getting immersed in the daily mundane tasks of being in a farm, but it also rewards you with a great feeling, particularly once you’ve saved up some money to buy that new harvester or upgrade to that wider harvester head.


Quick Memo

From what it looks like, developers GIANTS Software have taken some time and streamlined the app for mobile. Initial farming fear aside (that feeling where you won’t know what to do when the game starts, trust us, you’ll get over it) — you will find that the developers have thought this one out, making the gaming experience on mobile as enjoyable as possible. You have tilt steering controls, automated harvesting and driving, and the ability to hire hands (like in real farming, y’awl) to do all the small tasks for you while you work the fields. It even looks like the map size has been thought out so you can drive, for instance, from your farm to where you sell your crops, in a smaller amount of time. I can imagine the time that would be spent driving – slowly, at that, with your tractor – would be considerable if the map had been large.


Farming Simulato

The app is priced at USD$4.99 at the Google Play Store, and we think that is a good deal. This will obviously not appeal to you if you like all the shooting, explosions, and zombies from the other games – none of that here. But the replay value of the game is immense, this is a game you can dive into and get lost in, making your $5.00 investment very much worth it. And just for fun, you can share the game with your friends, and you can all hang out together and play multi-player farming over WiFi or Bluetooth. Just don’t blame us if you experience withdrawal symptoms, or your wife hollerin’ at you because you have to go to work and you don’t feel like going because of Farming Simulator 16.

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