Feed the Rats: A physics-based puzzle game

In keeping with our apparent puzzle game theme today, we have another one you’ll probably want to download for use when you’re bored. It’s called Feed the Rats, and it’s a delightful game that’s bound to challenge your strategic thinking. The premise of Feed the Rats is that you have to destroy some crates on the screen in order to guide a piece of cheese to a rat named Raymond’s hands. While that premise itself is rather simple on the surface, you’ll find the outcome is rarely that easy. Complicating things are plenty of physics-based challenges, but you can overcome them with items like cannons, conveyor belts, and even makeshift catapults. The further you progress in the game, the more items you unlock, and the more interesting things get. This app has forty levels across four different chapters, and you’ll discover ways to earn an assortment of medals should you be worthy. Figuring out the solution to each puzzle will require plenty of brainpower, as well as patience because you’ll probably have to give it multiple tries every time. To top it off, the game has a clean and fun design to it, with playful characters and costumes you can play around with. Download Feed the Rats and give yourself a challenge this 4th of July weekend. We think this game has the potential to stay in your “games” folder for the long haul.

App Screenshots

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