Free to play adventure games – Shocked with the mod, turn the Half-Life into a Game 7 beautiful Dragon Pearl

Free to play adventure games is Half-Life Mod for gamers enjoy the crazy combat in the world 7 Dragon Ball Z. Come discover it! >> Watch now:

In fact, the mod of Half-Life with the context of 7 Dragon Pearl is no stranger to Vietnamese gamers. Since many years ago, Valve’s FPS games have been “pitched” into battlefield realms for Goku, Vegeta or Cells. However, over a long period of time, Mod has now been transformed into a powerful super-product with the graphics to say no less than the current crisis. Half-Life-thanh-Game-7-Vien-Ngoc-Rong1 Called Earth’s Special Forces, the Mod is constantly updated by the developers, offering countless new characters from the Dragon Ball world. Not only that, but it also added many graphics effects, constantly improve and make players can not recognize this is a mod for Half-Life. Watching the water reflect sunshine or beat the attorney to break through the air and kick the dust … losing fans to “hold your breath” even when just watching the trailer. Earth’s Special Forces is also currently offering Ginyu Force special forces under the command of Frieza. With fan 7 Vien Ngoc Rong, the butchers bring out the hilarious appearance that impresses very strongly when confronted with FighterZ on the planet Namek. Of course, the update content will not stop at Ginyu Force, but will introduce a lot of new characters in the future. To If you want to try Earth’s Special Forces in Half-Life, you can download the free version of this PC to the address:

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