Homescapes Review: Homeward Bound

Homescapes is the comply with-up to Playrix’s notable in shape-three simulation, Gardenscapes: New Acres. enthusiasts of Gardenscapes’ aggregate of garden-constructing and puzzle-solving will find lots of acquainted gameplay to like in Homescapes, while learners to the series may have an easy access point thanks to Austin’s pleasant attraction and sparkling begin away from the sprawling lawn.

Homescapes Review: Homeward Bound

Homescapes starts with lifelong butler Austin deciding to take an overdue vacation and go to his mother and father at his formative years home. while he arrives he finds that now not best is the estate in disarray, however his parents are planning to promote it and pass some other place. Struck by way of nostalgia and a ardour for fixing things, Austin at once starts repairing the residence, changing the fixtures, and seeking to persuade his mother and father no longer to promote and that he can assist them love their home again.

Similar to Gardenscapes, Homescapes is cut up into two wonderful sections: the home preservation progresses the tale, introduces new characters alongside the manner, and offers concrete desires for you and Austin to work closer to. finishing those dreams is technically optional, however choosing out new wallpaper and fixtures to enhance the house in your preferred style is fun and profitable. The house is just as beautiful and richly particular as the grounds in Gardenscapes, with even more variety in shades and styles of items to region. Seeing Austin engage with his dad and mom and early life buddies makes him even greater endearing than he already changed into, and he has heaps of little moves and dialogues to look at in among events.

Homescapes Review: Homeward Bound
Homescapes Review: Homeward Bound

The opposite segment in Homescapes is, of path, the puzzle gameplay. whilst you’re not fixing up the residence or watching Austin go approximately his day, you could play the cutting-edge suit-3 degree. finishing a stage will can help you move directly to the following one and will award a star and a small amount of coins. Stars are the forex used to complete obligations: as an example, changing the carpet will fee a celebrity or repairing the stairway may cost stars. coins permit you to buy one of a kind furnishings if you need to alternate any of your previous reworking selections, as well as purchase electricity-americafor use inside the in shape-3 stages.

These levels are the primary area wherein Homescapes differs from its predecessor. whilst the desires and layout are very comparable—accumulate a certain number of tiles, dispose of all barriers from the board, and so on.—Homescapes features a extraordinary set of power-united states of americaand some new tile sorts. Matching 4 tiles in a row or column now creates a far greater effective rocket that crosses the whole board in place of the smaller version found in Gardenscapes. Tiles can be matched in squares as properly, which creates a paper airplane electricity-up that flies to a random, intention-related tile and gets rid of it. The Rainbow Blast—earned via placing off sufficient explosions in Gardenscapes—has been removed, however matching five tiles in a row in Homescapes will create a Rainbow Ball. This booster will clear all tiles of the colour it’s far matched with, however it is able to also be swapped with different electricity-united stateswith a purpose to spread dozens of them everywhere in the board.

These latter new energy-united states of americaare extraordinarily strong additions to the game. Being able to healthy in squares of 4 opens up narrower tiers that might otherwise be very tough to create energy-united states of americaon. The airplane’s ability to fly to everywhere at the board—and its awareness on hitting without a doubt useful tiles—makes it simpler to collect remote tiles you would otherwise by no means be able to reach. Swapping a energy-up with a Rainbow Ball is extremely enjoyable as you watch dozens of rockets or airplanes explode throughout the display.

In spite of the electricity of these new abilities, Homescapes continues to be an exceedingly tough game. Its mission degree without a doubt ramps up greater fast than Gardenscapes, and we located ourselves caught replaying even a few very early stages. It introduces complex obstacle tiles early on, along with double-chains, wall-like cookies, and carpet that should be placed across the whole board. part of the delivered task is that Homescapes doesn’t feature as many bonus opportunities as Gardenscapes: there’s no day by day wheel to earn loose boosters and completing an afternoon’s well worth of domestic protection tasks does not replenish your lives. whilst Gardenscapes did now not to begin with release with these capabilities both, it seems an oversight to now not consist of them in the sequel as they’re now standard factors of the series. at the same time, Homescapes continues the very low coin rewards and high prices from its predecessor, awarding a paltry 50 coins base for completing a level and charging 900 coins to “maintain” with only five extra moves.

On top of the disappointing financial system, we discovered Homescapes’ puzzle tiles to be less appealing than their Gardenscapes’ equivalent. even as the mansion and its fixtures are beautiful to study, the same old fit-three tiles—made up of a inexperienced teacup, darkish blue book, crimson bowtie, purple button, yellow lamp, and light blue teapot—seem less targeted than the pears, berries, plants, and so on in Gardenscapes. They’re nevertheless colourful and tactically pleasing to transport around the board, however they have an nearly gelatinous, formlessness more harking back to sweet overwhelm Saga. The impediment tiles—such as the wafer cookies, yellow apples, and cherries encased in jelly—are very particular and lovable, so it’s truly just an trouble with the fundamental tiles. but, for the reason that we’re searching at those tiles on every board across loads (and probable, in the end, heaps) of ranges, we desire that they had the identical nice of layout as the entirety else in Homescapes.

Even as these lawsuits are a long way from game-ruining, they point to the general difficulty with Homescapes in the intervening time: it’s really no longer as suitable as Gardenscapes. Granted, Gardenscapes has benefited from a 12 months of ordinary content material updates and fixes which Homescapes will almost honestly obtain in the coming months—and the day by day prize wheel is reportedly planned for one of these updates. however Homescapes arguably have to have released with the extras which have made Gardenscapes the remarkable recreation it’s miles today and advanced upon its shortcomings, which include the extremely low coin rewards and the lack of any everlasting in-app purchases. rather, Homescapes became released in a bit of a black hole as though it had no predecessor to study from.

The end result continues to be a exquisite fit-three curb simulation recreation that scratches all of the equal itches as Gardenscapes but in a completely new surroundings. in case you’ve conquered Gardenscapes and are searching out a new edition of roughly the identical enjoy, Homescapes is a have to-play. however learners to the series ought to persist with Gardenscapes for now, at least until Homescapes catches as much as all of the updates and upgrades of the authentic.

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