How to play new york times sudoku hard?

How to play new york times sudoku hard?

When it comes to new york times sudoku hard, there is no escape. The grids of these puzzles seem to shut down the mental apparatus, enclosing one’s faculties in a tightly constrained universe — a 9 by 9 array that must be carefully filled up with the numbers 1 to 9, following certain rules.

Fill the grid with your keyboard so that every row, column and 3×3 box contains the digits 1 to 9, without repeating. Navigate the grid with the arrow keys or your mouse; clear entries with Delete or Backspace.

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Once a number is in the grid nine times, it will lighten. You can disable this in Settings.

Use Fill Mode (the big 1 button) to enter numbers you are confident about. Use Candidate Mode (the nine-square button) to add or remove multiple possibilities for a square. In Fill Mode, you can hold down Shift or Alt to temporarily enter Candidate Mode. You can also toggle candidates with your mouse, and pressing Space will switch between Fill and Candidate Mode.

If you enable Automatic mode (the Auto button), candidates will be toggled automatically as you fill the grid. In Settings (the blue gear), you can default to this mode. You can also remove additional candidates manually. Disabling this mode will clear all the candidates, so this can be toggled on and off for a quick at-a-glance candidate survey.

The Hint button will highlight the next logical square to solve that is empty or incorrect. If that square is incorrect, it will mark it as such.

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