The lastest cool games Age of Empires: Definitive Edition in 2018

After a long time waiting, the new dress of cool games Age of Empires: Definitive Edition of the tailor Forgotten Empires looks like? >> News: The latest fun online adventure game iconoclasts Twenty years after cool games Age of Empires, the classic RTS game conquered countless gamers and paved the way for the “great man” of Age of Empires 2, Microsoft decided to give the Forgotten Empires the AOE revenge. New Age of Empires: Definitive Edition (AOEDE). age-of-empires-1 Even with a bit of a twinge when the game is postponed to 2018 instead of launching in 2017, on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the AOE, it still makes gamers love RTS around the world looking forward to it. . New clothes … At $ 20 on the Microsoft Store, Microsoft makes it clear that this is a remake, essentially a visual upgrade to meet the needs of 4K screen makers, with a large pixel count. Tens of times the screens of 1997. And it must be said that the FE developer has done a great job of it, as it can make many people think that the game is 100% 3D, except The image of the game. My Time at Portia deserves a high score even though it’s just Early Access. They did that as well. how? By two “unique way” that must be very clear, you just recognize. First, units in the original AOE are 2D objects that are erected at eight different angles, and the game switches between these angles when the unit moves. In Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, each unit is rendered in … 32 different angles, helping them to move smoother, eliminating the “look one by one, go one path” that you can easily noticed in the game. In addition, it makes the author feel like looking at a real 3D unit on the screen. With this elaborate, Forgotten Empires reveals that only the file for the Trireme in the game was bigger than the original game. The second development that developers use is the collapse animation of the build. Instead of immediately deleting the building and replacing it with a rubble, now the buildings will collapse in a cloud of dust: The decision to “upgrade” the crash … Forgotten Empires collapse is probably quite accurate. We are not gosu, when victory is determined only by the death of several units, so this is what you will see dozens, or hundreds of times when playing. It can add a bit of “pleasure” when you crush the enemy, and may be a bit of a relief when the wonders you put down in construction collapse (very wanted to use meme “block 90 kg stone was thrown from 300m distance “here, but unfortunately …). In addition to the glamor of 4K resolutions and units crafted to be meticulously crafted, the soundtrack of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is well worth the time spent. Sympathetic tunes are used to create the feeling of the great empire you are building in the game. Words can not describe the sound, but if you click on the Play button as the game suggests, the tunes you’re listening to are part of what the Forgotten Empires put on the “new clothes” of Age of Empires. Empires. King Beneath its glittering, sparkling exterior, cool games Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is almost unchanged. You will still find the excitement of racing with time whether playing alone, via LAN or online. Starting with a TC, three villagers and becoming a global empire (OK, not global, just a tiny map), or crushed under the heels of the mightier empires , more progress depends entirely on tactics, spy capabilities and your APM number. age-of-empires-2 For a casual gamer who just wants to have big battles among hundreds of soldiers at the same time, AOEDE offers a higher limit on new Custom Maps battles. Meanwhile, the unit cap in campaign play stops at 50, so you will not have giant legions in this game. The units are still not very diverse, and sometimes create strange things like Egypt has … Phalanx of Rome, and so on. In return, you will enjoy new, ultra-long campaigns and are designed according to historical events. Destroy several watch towers and occupy an island? That is you, pharaoh Senusret III is building the castle to conquer Lower Nubia. “Lay” some farmers and order them to farm? The great Narmer Pharaoh was seeking to unite Upper and Lower Egypt with the abundance of agriculture on the banks of the Nile. A plus point of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is that the speed of the game has been adjusted to be more suitable for 2018. Although not touching the AOE in 18 years, a game still feel the speed of work, Movement of the units in the game faster, help to increase the pace of the game. Well, all the old cheat codes are still working! There is a good saying: what is not broken, do not fix. The Forgotten Empires have followed this advice when making AOEDE, and so we are seeing all the things that make it so attractive that the author has mentioned. Unfortunately, they have forgotten the process of “filtering” what is inherent in the game. Thus, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition retains all the defects of the original game. First of all, those who have “battled” the AOE are probably no less than a dozen times … boiling blood because of the stupidity of the units in the old days, and the new version continues to test your blood vessel endurance. Even with the advertised upgrade system, units still have unacceptable behavior. The hungry villagers sometimes think of themselves as The Hulk and try to fall down a tree instead of going around it. When behind him he was a lion who wanted to report “the best of the sheep”, which is certainly not good for our blood pressure. Not yet. Cool games Age of Empires, the game’s hitbox is sometimes distorted, making clicking on the unit or tree you want is difficult – you may want to clean a roadblock, but accidentally clicking on a mine will cause a group of workers to throw away. Wood piles in the body to switch to mines – one thing is extremely unfortunate because you need each resource point in the early stages of the game. The map control is quite chaotic: the right mouse button is used to drag the map, but if you are selecting a unit, the right mouse button commands the unit to go to the location you clicked instead of moving. Move the map of the game. The zoom feature of the game also needs to be improved. When using the scroll wheel to zoom, the game does not change between zoom levels (1x, 2x, 4x) but only increases the size of the image on the screen, causing everything to look blurry until the actual image details. The load is complete. You can compare below: age-of-empires-3 Developers report that the details of each zoom level change depending on the speed of the hard drive and the amount of RAM. This is not so important in terms of gameplay, but rather itchy if you are a gamer who wants to enjoy maximum graphics quality. So developers say they are also looking to fix this in the future. The Brigadier? If you want to play the Empire, the advice is to spend money for Age of Empires II HD. It’s a superior game, the pinnacle of the series – it’s no coincidence that AOE II was remade before AOE I. The AOE II HD has everything you want in the Empire, from beautiful images. Tactical multiplayer, multiplayer multiplayer, 100% network play, and most importantly, it allows you to build in-game portals. But if you are determined to play AOE I, because of nostalgia, because of the 4K graphics, because of the single player campaign or because you have not played the original game? The author also confirmed that the Definitive Edition is indeed a good value for money. This is a 17.1 GB full of fun, addictive and one of the titles you want to have on your PC, right now, after reading the article of the game. Minimum configurations for gaming:

  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • CPU: 1.8 Ghz + Dual Core or Core I5 or higher
  • VGA: Intel HD 4000 or higher
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
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