Matching pairs game online – Match 3- Reviews Matchington Mansion

Match 3- Reviews Matchington Mansion

Nice Entertainment by 小女子妖的

Downloaded the game to kill free time, turns out to be a smart choice.

Matching pairs game online is relaxing, fun and enchanting, with a recycling flow to earn coins and spend them. After earning stars I can’t wait to spend them renovating the house.

It’s a great feeling to see a torn house getting better and better again, and all I need to do is playing some levels and exercise my mind.

Matching pairs game online
Matching pairs game online

One thing that’s a bit upset is that the dog and cat don’t have fun interactions, I kinda of expect them to play with each other.

Some levels are hard though, my friend said she’s been stuck on a level for one week, gotta check with her to see if she passed that level.

Generally a good Matching pairs game – Match 3, nice graphics and good details. Planning to let this game stay in my phone for a long time. Expecting fun events.

It was fun. But… by Legogranny
In the beginning it was fun. The number of stars to complete a challenge is ridiculous.

I don’t want to jump in a pile of leaves. Nor do I want to spend 35% of my stars playing with or caring for animals.

Dog, cat, birds. Those should be optional. They don’t really add to the story line. I’m on level 236 and really would like to get back inside.

I don’t want to keep spending three stars for baby birds or picnics. If you have to have them, one star if you feel they are necessary to the story line.

If by level 250 I’m not back in the mansion I will just delete it and move on to something better. Other than the above mentioned issues the Matching pairs game is challenging and fun.

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