Mila’s Magic Shop Storyline and controls

Mila has just opened the most fantastical magic shop in the world of Frook. A world of mystics, of magi and of frooks. Ur task in the time management game is to help Mila run the biz and make enough money to pay her bills and to keep her living the high life. Help Mila run her magic shop by selling all kinds of magic items to sever customers! Make sure you complete all their magic needs in time and earn lots of money! mial-magic-shop Click the items the customs want and then click the customer. U can click ahead. Once the customer has whatever he wanted, click the cash register to collect the delicious gold coins and continue on serving a new customer. >> Play now: Mila’s Magic Shop Make a lot of money and have fun! Can you help Mila run her magic shop? Pay attention to the customers’ orders, and then try to fill them as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to collect your money! This game tests your ability to follow orders, as well as your sequencing and counting skills. Games filled with fun will surely make your free time great and fun. Joining this game, your mission is to help Mali manage her business by selling magic items to witches, archers and wives. A total of 14 levels. Each level has a coin target so players can reach for a limited time. Players will have a good day working. Try to meet all your needs. Note that you need to open the cashier to get the coins or the customer will leave without paying. Speed is one of the main factors in this game to upgrade your level. Will you overcome all challenges? Enjoy the game and show us now! Good luck and happy! Play more time management games HERE.

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