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At first I deflected a cracker, watched it go back and flew into my enemy. Then I grabbed a giant cat and ran across the arena. Suddenly, the cat decided she did not like being taken away and my controls were reversed. As a last attempt to score a point, I threw my head to my teammates, who were stabbed to death immediately by another player.

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oh-my-godheads-1 Oh My Godheads is a fast-paced multiplayer game where you try to capture giant humans, all with their own personality. At the same time you are destroying your friends with fun, a sword to face, and maybe a bomb. There are five different modes that you can play, each with its own unique features. For instance, ‘Capture the Head’ is like a flag – if the flag is not satisfied with your continuous handling and sometimes fought back. Godheads are temperamental and all have their unique abilities and quirks. The gods are unpredictable, but you start seeing patterns in each one. Gaia is the mother of the Earth – a brutal and heavy god who will slow you down when you take her away. The good news is that she can be thrown at an enemy to crush them. I find this particularly interesting, at least when I manage to avoid being crushed myself. Bastet is a giant cat who is angry when you jump, freezing you in place while meows and sometimes reversing your control.

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oh-my-godheads-2 Agyo also shares a grudge to keep (like most heads) and will explode if you try to run with him in your arms. If you are wise, you can use him as a timer bomb, throw Agyo at the enemy before he explodes and make sure they die with the head. Zeus will charge his electricity while being held and eventually explode the area around the player carrying him – however, unlike Agyo, Zeus does not self destruct in the process. Godheads are of course the central feature of Oh My Godheads and each one has its own unique environment. These island-like maps are also their own challenges. Some maps require you to bring heavy ladders up the slope, while others offer many places where you can fall off the map or throw your head completely.

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