How to play Apple Worm game?

Do you remember the story of the very hungry caterpillar, who was so hungry he was set on devouring every food-related object in his path? Although the protagonist this time isn’t exactly set to transform into a beautiful butterfly at the end, this worm needs your help to eat, eat, eat, and grow in length. But this word of gluttony also has hazards such as spikes, gravity, and a snake-like twist of accidentally eating your own tail! Can you navigate the worm successfully through all of the levels?

You’ll use the arrow keys to navigate your worm companion through the levels and to the exit portal.

Apple Worm

You’d best be forewarned though – this game can be harder than it first appears and can leaving you scratching your head…if worms had hands to do so, at any rate. Each time you eat an apple, your worm will grow by one segment, and it has the remarkable property that it can cling to a surface, even if the rest of its body is hanging off.

It seems either to be in violation of physics or to have some amazing suction cup feet, but watch out – go one tile too far and your whole body will lose contact, and nothing can save you from sliding down vertically! Sometimes the apples will act as decoys, and other times you will have to do some body-bending contortions to both nab the length boost you need to complete the level and avoid self-consumption of your own tail. Enjoy the game, and bon apple-tite!

How to play:

Your goal is to reach the portal in each level. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your worm. If you can’t reach the portal, try eating the apple to grow your worm. But don’t get stuck or fall off the level? If you get stuck, press the retry button or press R to restart the level.

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