Popular TV Characters Who Always Wear Bow Ties

Aways a late shopper for Christmas gifts, I was not surprised to find myself at the various retail stores in the mall in late December. I was more than a little taken aback, however, when one of those shops already had its spring fashions on display.

Among the attire labeled for the season, still three months away, was a rack of bow ties. To be given that much store room and such a big sign, I suppose someone predicts that the bow tie will be a hot fashion item when the temperatures start to rise.

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Personally, I have never really liked wearing bow ties, donning them just twice in my life. The first came with my tuxedo for the prom, and the other occasion was while I was among the wedding party of a friend who tied the knot.

My indifference to the bow tie is not unusual. Seldom do you see anyone wearing that particular item, although a few television characters have regularly appeared with bow ties.

Here are the seven most well-known TV personalities who always wore a bow tie.

Uncle Joe Carson from Petticoat Junction

Uncle Joe Carson
                                                                        Uncle Joe Carson

Kate Bradley’s brother in law (played by Edgar Buchanan) has two distinct characteristics, a bow tie and an excuse to avoid work at the Shady Rest Hotel.

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Howard Sprague from The Andy Griffith Show

Jack Dodson portrays this lovable milquetoast of Mayberry, North Carolina, who writes poetry and tries to bring more culture to the town.

Les Nessman from WKRP In Cincinnati

Disc jockeys Venus Fly Trap and Doctor Johnny Fever have to occasionally interrupt their records in order to let this newsman (played by Richard Sanders) provide updates to the goings on in the Queen City.

Dewey Largo from The Simpsons

Dewey Largo
                                                       Dewey Largo

Lisa sometimes aggravates this Springfield Elementary band teacher when she decides to break out into a solo with her saxophone.

Ike Godsey from The Waltons

His general store is the hub of Walton’s Mountain, where Ike (played by Joe Conley) is almost as well-liked as John Walton himself.

Bill Nye from The Science Guy

Bill Nye
                                                                                         Bill Nye

Because of his choice of neckwear, the educational show could actually be called “Bill Nye the Science Guy With the Bow Tie.”

Kenneth Dragan from Room 222

Always taking a back seat to Pete Dixon, Miss Johnson and Miss McIntyre, this English teacher (played by Ivory Francis) still managed to appear in eighteen episodes of the classic early seventies sitcom.

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