Slots Caesars Real Casino Game is the King of the Hill in Slots


Slots Caesars Real Casino is a relatively  new casino game produced by the Google Play Developer – Playtika.

This terrific slots app has quickly become the number 1 casino app on Google Play for a very good reason, it is simply the best.

Mostly because this slot game is versatile in offering various types of casino slot games. We all know that these type of games are popular and usually reskinned by many developers.

However, being a Google Play Top Developer, we believe Playtika created unique artwork, gameplay and casino slot games that are interesting and challenging to play. Let’s see it features and determine its quality.

Concept and Idea

Like we said the concept of Slots – Caesars Casino is based on the concept of realistic looking casino slot games that can be found in real physical casinos.

Slots Caesars Real Casino Game Android Game

Slots Caesars Real Casino Game Android Game

However, this one is based on the Las Vegas slots and it guarantees the standard bonuses, jackpots, wins and tons of different characters, totems, diamonds, sounds and amazing visual effects.

They are all put into one place in a really great way. So, basically the concept and idea are not unique, but they are turned into something great by a very talented group of app designers and developers.


Here is where the game stands out from its competition. It offers so many great features that can attract and keep a player’s attention for a long time, especially to players that like to play casino slot games in real life.

Even for those who normally don’t play slots games this game is still amazing and can easily be played for hours. This is mostly because of the graphics, gameplay and the inclusion of various types of casino slot games.

There are frequent bonuses and different type of wins that increase your credit. You’re never in a situation to struggle for credits and few days ago one of us played the game for 3 straight hours.

In terms of slot machines included the game has: video poker, blackjack, roulette and pokies, besides the tons of classic slot machines. The gameplay is fast paced, the sound and graphic effects will make you feel like you are in Vegas.

In Slots Caesars Real Casino Game simply everything is tailored for the user’s entertainment. Casino Game is not Solitaire Game variation.

Graphics and Sounds

With this amazing graphics and sound effects, it is hard to find a game that can be even slightly competitive.

This is because the graphics, characters, artwork and sound effects in this game are literally amazing! There is so much attention put to details and the animations that you will simple be stunned again and again.

Final Thoughts

The team of Playtika that created Slots Caesars Casino totally deserved their “Top Developers” feature from Google. This game is amazing in many different parameters and it deserves to be featured as “the best casino game on Google Play”.

To top it all off, this and others are also available as real money gaming apps from Caesars Casino which are available to download in New Jersey.

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