Soundtrack Attack – Steven Universe Rhythm Runner Review

With the middle of the week upon us you need anything you can get to help you get back the midweek hump. Today we have just that for you in Soundtrack Attack, a delightful little music game you’re going to enjoy.

Soundtrack Attack – Steven Universe Rhythm Runner
Soundtrack Attack – Steven Universe Rhythm Runner

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The premise behind Soundtrack Attack is that it’s a rhythm runner and everything is set to the hit Steven Universe songs you know and love. You’ll run your way through the various environments by taping, holding, and swiping at the correct moments when you’re in sync with the beat of the music. The more incorrectly you tap, the slower your runner will go, and vice versa for correct tapping. The gem you have can be a quartz, ruby, or pearl and is customizable with hair, outfits, and more. The game plays nicely, with intuitive controls and plenty of colorful animations flying across the screen. But the thing that stands out the most is the soundtrack and seamless integration with gameplay comes off. If you’re looking for a nice challenge for quick moments or long getaways, try Soundtrack Attack and see how long you can keep the beat.

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