Synthesize the entire monster in Monster Hunter World (part 1)

Monster Hunter World Monsters Unleashed Monsters, as well as basic information about them. Monster Hunter: The World, as its name, is a world of countless monsters that are both physically and emotionally powerful. In addition to the already familiar names of the series, Capcom also introduces players to a whole new set of faces. >> Other games: fashion games for girls Anjanath Anjanath Monster Hunter’s completely new monster, with the shape of a large dinosaur and classified into the Brute Wyvern. Large, eaten, and often hunted in the Ancient Forest – the starting point of the game. Anjanath is of the Fire Order, and therefore relatively weak with the two factors Water and Ice. Barroth Barroth is a slightly more familiar monster that first appeared in 2009 in Monster Hunter 3. Barroth is also a Brute Wyvern, first appearing in the Wildspire Wastes. To Barroth is shaped like a bone-built structure, so its armor is unbreakable and hard to break. Its weakness lies in the absence of armor, such as the front leg or the lower abdomen. However, Barroth is also weak against the elements Water, Fire and Ice. Bazelgeuse Another hard face of Monster Hunter World. As a Flying Wyvern, Bazelgeuse has a tough, tough armor that is hard to beat. Like Barroth, you can find it at the Wildspire Wastes. Bazelgeuse is a Fire-type monster.Great Jagras Diablos One of the “oldest” monsters in the series, having first appeared in the title game in 2004. Under the Flying Wyvern, Diablos looks quite similar to the Dragon, and has the same power. Diablos has a very high level of morale, and will grow to be aggressive against anyone who dares to intrude on its territory. Diablos weak before Ice factor. Dodogama Dodogama is a new face of the Fanged Wyvern family that possesses the ability to consume Blastblight in battle. Dodogama’s design looks quite similar to that of a giant crocodile with a strong tortoise shell. Dodogama can be found in Elder’s Recess. Great Girros Also first appearing in Monster Hunter World and the Fanged Wyvern, the Great Girros have a relatively comparable cobra-like head shape. As predicted, the Great Girros’s teeth possess powerful venom, and will cause the hunter to fall into a paralyzed state. Fortunately, this monster is quite weak in front of Water, Fire and Ice, so be prepared to equip those elements before hunting at Rotten Vale. Great Jagras Great Jagras Like the Great Girros, the Great Jagras are also a new face in the Fanged Wyvern family, and frequently wander in the Ancient Forest. Great Jagras have the design of a salamander, although very ugly, but really a bit peace-loving. Great Jagras only attacks when threatened, or when the player enters its lair, which also carries young Jagras. Great Jagras is weak before Fire and Thunder. Jyuratodus Another new face of the game. Jyuratodus of the Piscine Wyvern family, which looks a bit like a massive fish, but are monstrous and aggressive monsters. Jyuratodus possesses a swimming ability in mud, and with an unfriendly neighbors neighbor who owns another monster who likes mud as Barroth. Jyuratodus first appeared in Wildspire Waste, which possessed the weakness of Fire and Thunder. Kirin None of the monsters in the Elder Dragon (Coon Long) look like dragons, Kirin is typical. Kirin looks a lot like Unicorn, the power of Thunder, and is one of the original faces of the original Monster Hunter game. Kirin’s weakness is Fire and Water, and its plus point is so fast that it’s hard for hunters to catch up with. Kulu-Ya-Ku A new monster belonging to the Bird Wyvern. Kulu-Ya-Ku looks ugly, looks like a failed combination of dinosaurs and birds. In the Ancient Forest, Kulu-Ya-Ku is not a monster, and often struggles to protect himself. Kushala Daora Also part of the Elder Dragon, Kushala Daora has appeared in the popular Monster Hunter game series. Property on the surface looks like a four-legged dragon, Kushala Daora carries the Dragon and Ice element, but at the same time also carry the weak point is Dragon and Thunder. Any hunter approaching Kushala Daora will be subjected to debuffs, and should be careful about the winds created in its wings. Lavasioth Lavasioth Lavasioth looks quite similar to fish, but not an ordinary fish, because it does not swim in water or mud, but in lava. In this particular environment, Lavasioth is almost playing with natural enemies or enemies, so you do not have to worry about bringing in unwanted guests to harass your hunt. As a consequence of living in the fire, Lavasioth is somewhat weak with water.

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