Street Fighter 5 – a preeminent fighting game for PS4 and PC


Street Fighter is one of the most played fighting games franchised by Capcom. From its release, this game got significant success and is Capcom’s second best-selling franchise. Through the times, Street Fighter had given out many series including Street Fighter (1987), Street Fighter 2 series (1991), Street Fighter 3 (1997), Street Fighter 4 series (2008). And […]

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The Division – Ubisoft best-selling game in just first week of release


Tom Clancy’s The Division is a fascinating third-person shooter video game, developed by Ubisoft. This game was designed for Microsoft Windows, PC, PS4 (PlayStation 4), and Xbox One platforms.  A virus sweeps through New York City and caused a smallpox pandemic. “Green Poison and The Dollar Flu” disease has caused a widespread chaos. And you […]

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