Top 10 Best Minecraft Tips & Tricks For 2018

Minecraft has been out for awhile, and players have discovered a wide array of tips and tricks during their forays into its vast and wide open sandbox environment. Given the game’s quirkiness, players have discovered a lot of neat little tricks to help them get the most out of the game.

In case our previous top ten tips for Minecraft weren’t enough, here are thirty more quick and dirty tricks that’ll help you out in the game.

Top 10 best minecraft tips & tricks for 2018:

1. Create a zombie-proof door by raising it by one block.

2. If you’re planning to jump from someplace high, make sure you have a water bucket in your hand and spam space bar and you might just survive

3. If you sprint and jump at the same time it’s faster than just sprinting.

4. If you’re in lava and you’re about to die, just place down a water bucket.

5. Throw your garbage away in cactus.

6. If you have a fire resistance potion a pillar of lava can be used as a quick drop.

7. If you’re going on a ride in a boat push the boat out before hopping in. This gives your boat a little speed boost

8. To get the most out of your glowstone use a silk touch tool.

9. Sand and gravel can be broken by saplings, rails, flowers, mushrooms, torches, redstone torches, levers, fence gates, and even string.

10. You can get the maximum effect of a potion by throwing it in the sky and having it land on your body.

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