Top 7 most popular iOS games today

The 7 most popular titles for IOS games in 2017 that you should try it once. There are enough games in this list so you can easily choose from action games, moves, to relaxing games, recreation …. >>> New: free games for girls to play 1. Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear Siege of Dragonspear is a new expansion for BioWare’s classic Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition (2012). Siege will follow the story of part 1 and part 2 of the series. The Siege of Dragonspear tells of a mysterious expedition in the north, led by a warrior claiming to be the Shining Lady. The mission of the player is to be with his allies, fighting to save his land from chaos. In this version, Siege owns a massive volume of content that can last up to 25 hours for the original Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition. In addition, Siege will introduce a series of new characters, new locations, new magic items, and many more advanced features than BG. If you are an adventure enthusiast with mysterious expeditions then you should download this game. Among the best games for iOS are rated in the classic role-playing genre 2. Armello – One of the best games for IOS Armello is one of the best games for iOS on the most attractive and “best” for gamers at the moment. By using chess boards, cards or dice balls. Players will experience difficulties from puzzles, destroy monsters and other players, to accumulate gold coins, collecting treasures along the way to complete the goal. Thus, Armello trained different players for different thinking and fighting skills to increase their chances of winning. 3. Submerged – A good game for the Iphone should not be overlooked Submerged tells the story of Miku- a young girl, traveling in a flooded city with only a small fishing boat, finding the necessary things to save her brother’s life. Joining Submerged, you and Miku will explore strange cities and find the items needed just by the most rudimentary means possible. Why Submerged worth the wait? – Use 3D graphics to bring a real, “quality” and modern space. – Feeling adventurous and challenging when exploring abandoned buildings. – A huge and real space from the ocean. Chrome Neon In Neon Chrome, you will become a “mercenary”, carry out missions to the base and destroy all enemies. This is one of the best games for iOS in the genre of shooting, the game has a high view from down, so everything seems very “small” but the details are extremely lively and clear. Neon Chrome is inspired by the action game in the old school. During the game, players will be able to select multiple characters to perform their missions with their own strengths and weaknesses, fully equipped with state of the art weapons and a reasonable level of vision to perform missions. In addition, weapons can be upgraded when needed. Game requires calculation, logical thinking and good techniques from players to take reasonable moves. Good role-playing is also a success point of this game. 5. Torchlight Mobile TorchLight Mobile is a great game for iOS in the fantasy role-playing genre launched in 2016 on mobile. This is a action role-playing action familiar with a unique artistic style with enough darkness, overcast that is characteristic of this game. In the game, you will perform high-speed action, requiring players to skillfully use the skill to push back the monster. The music used in TorchLight Mobile was written by Diablo himself, with Matt Uelmen staged with great melodies. It is also a very popular and popular game when it sold nearly 2 million copies in the past year. 6. Pokémon GO – The famous IOS game Pokémon GO is a game that comes out of the popular Pokémon manga. So, since its debut, it has been well received by comic fans and gamers. The game is set on a Smartphone and is built under the hands of talented Niantic – a well-known game team in the technology industry with Ingress game. top-7-games-2 In Pokémon GO, Pokémon will appear in many different locations. And the task of the players is to go to these locations, using Pokeball to capture them. A connected Bluethooth peripheral can allow you to play without looking at your phone thanks to the vibration and illumination of the LED. This is one of the most downloaded games on the Appstore. 7. Samorost 3 Amanita Design has created an extremely adventurous adventure for Samorost, and Samorost 3 is no exception. In the game, you can meet the world of robots, giant woods or another planet is built very lively and beautiful. Game is a journey to find the dog from one planet to another. Players will play the dog owner, overcome the puzzles by choosing the right items to rescue his friend. Drawing from the previous two Samorosts, Samorost 3 inherits and develops stunning images, vivid details, and the ability to convey emotions to realistic gamers. It may be that this is the best Samorost in the series and most likely will be released in June/2016.  

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