Top online games are coming out in February

You are a game addict, you are always watching the latest titles, below to share with gamers, top online games are coming out in February.

Top online games are coming out in February

1 / Ironsight action shooter game

After a period of experimentation and success, the action shooter Ironsight made in Korea has set the date, the English version on 1/2/2018.

This time around, the gamers will be able to experience a whole new set of features, especially the ability to customize characters. In addition, there are many other attractive features.

Top online games are coming out in February
Top online games are coming out in February

Ironsight is set in the near future, when players are drawn to a battle between the two sides, PDS and CTU. The game was developed with a tool kit called Iron Engine, designed by the designer Wiple Games.

In MMOFPS IronSight, gamers are using a wide variety of cutting-edge weapons, such as powerful AK guns, airplanes or armed robots.

In the game arena, gamers also have to spend a lot of time getting access to weaponry so that they are smart enough to reach their opponents.

2 / Metal Gear Survive online action game

According to the latest information we receive, the online action game Metal Gear Survive will officially open wide on February 20. However, Metal Gear Survive also officially airs on the PS4, Xbox One and Open beta on January 18th.

The Metal Gear Survive action game is not easy to play, so when you damage a weapon, you will have to repair and mold a new one.

Top online games are coming out in February
Top online games are coming out in February

When you want to drink water, you need to filter the water before drinking, if you do not want to fight, then roll stomach pain. Also, when you hunt an animal for meat, you must also cook it yourself. This is one of the extremely difficult online action games.

If you are injured, you need to turn on the menu yourself to stop the bleeding or take medications. If you run out of bullets? No one will help you, automatically enter the table to create new objects.

In this type of game, there is no concept of weapon loot, but you can only find raw materials, and you will not have to take the initiative in processing and using the weapon you want.

3 / Online Action Game Ascent: Infinite Realm

One of the highlights of the online action game Ascent: Infinite Realm is three-dimensional space; You have struggled both in heaven and on earth at the same time. This, you need to be extremely focused, not everyone can play this game.

Top online games are coming out in February
Top online games are coming out in February

In addition, Ascent: Infinite Realm you need to play in teams to run a big ship.

Ascent: Infinite Realm’s most notable feature is the Infinite Realm, where players are split into two factions, one attacking side, and one defensive side. until the end of the game.

To play this game well requires players to have good gameplay, to be good at fighting and to be able to combine with other teammates to win.

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