[Will] Opoona – Hero of sweet candy

The latest Opoona game for the Wii that they bring at the Tokyo Game Show 2017 is an immersive adventure game. The game was developed by Arte Piazza, a veteran studio that has participated in many of Square-Enix’s projects. Play now: https://123gamesfree.com/girl Perhaps the unique functions of the Wii have convinced the designers at Arte Piazza. Among the characters in this studio, most notably is Yuji Hori, the designer of the Dragon Quest series and currently working on the Dragon Quest Swords version for the Wii. In addition to the artistic direction of Shintaro Majima, planning director Sachiko Sugimura and composer Hitoshi Sakimoto, which is famous for performing background music for Final Fantasy XII. The name and talent of these characters have helped Koei more confidence to develop an adventure role playing game that is not the company’s strength. Opoona is a combination of two types of adventure and role-playing. You play the big guy Opoona, the descendants of brave space warriors. Called Cosmo Guards, these warriors are responsible for protecting the galaxy’s peace. One day, Opoona’s family made a trip to Landroll Planet to take a break. Unlucky, the family’s ship was hit by an accident and Opoona lost family members. After discovering and bringing her parents to the hospital, Opoona’s remaining mission is to rescue her remaining two lost children somewhere on planet Landroll. To do this, Opoona must find ways to integrate into the life of the strange planet, find work and make new friends. Accompanying Opoona are the cousins Copoona and Poleena. In addition, he has the help of a group of mysterious soldiers named Chaica.

opoona-1 [Wii] Opoona – Hero of Candy [Wii] Opoona – Hero of Candy

Opoona’s battle system, boldly known as the “Active Bonbon Battle”, allows players to fire “bonbon” bullets at enemies. By rotating the analog stick of the Nunchuk handler, you can direct the candy’s directions to the enemy or rotate behind him. Another interesting feature is that Opoona can automatically “lock-on” nearby enemies and he will not be able to escape. When fully upgraded, “Active Bonbon” can attack multiple enemies at the same time. It is interesting to note that all the “Active Bonbon” moves are controlled only on the Nunchuk, so the game brings the friendliness of the non-professional players on the Wii.

[Wii] Opoona – Sweet Candy Hero The RPG aspect of the game is mentioned in the adventure and upgrades the ability of the character Opoona. In addition to fighting with aggressive monsters in Landroll, this big fat guy is also involved in a lot of work to earn a living on this planet. Gaming systems also utilize Wiimote’s motion-sensing functions such as fishing, rock breaking, burrowing to high-end jobs like hotel owners or fun-filled fortune tellers. Exposure to NPCs will increase the “Tomodachi Level” indicator to help you discover hidden missions and unlock new abilities. Occasionally, Opoona will be given two more friends to support, and the game will now turn into turn based RPGs. The advantages and characteristics of each character will be utilized thoroughly. According to Arte Piazza, with more than 40 hours of play in the main game, the “combat” and RPG elements will be balanced so that the player does not “feel”. opoona-2Character design and a futuristic RPG world in Shintaro Majima’s Opoona will definitely attract many fans of Square-Enix roleplaying. The Wii also opens up a new direction between action and role-playing for Opoona. There is no release date for Opoona part 2 in North America, while the Japanese version of the game will be out in the second quarter of 2018. * The article is for reference only

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