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Yo-Kai Watch

Combine a traditional bubble shooter title with Bejeweled, throw in dashes of the Pokemon and Digimon franchises, and I’m fairly certain that you’ll end up with Yo-Kai Watch: Wibble Wobble. That is not to say this isn’t an original title—no. If anything, this game takes the best of the bunch and creates something new.

Yo-Kai: Wibble Wobble is centered around battles. For those of you who are familiar with the 3DS title’s battle system, it feels very familiar in that you must complete a task before your Yo-Kai can attack. It is a completely unique and independent experience from the 3DS game, offering what feels both familiar and refreshingly new. The music and the graphics are also similar to the 3DS title: full of attractive and colorful environments for players to interact with. Even if you’re not a fan of Yo-Kai Watch, this game has a lot to offer as a standalone mobile experience.


Yo-Kai Watch

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Unlike the 3DS title, however, the only thing you do to attack in this iOS game is tap on wib wobs. Wib wobs are tiny, round bubble versions of your Yo-Kai friends that you link together to form long chains. The longer the chain of wib wobs, the more damage your Yo Kai does to the enemy.

Successfully creating long chains fills your fever gauge; once fever mode is activated, you must quickly make as many chains as possible to unleash a powerful attack of your combined total damage. Creating longer chains of wib wobs combines them into larger balls; the larger the ball, the more damage your Yo-Kai will do. So, sure, you could individually pop Yo Kai wib wob bubbles to deal damage, but that won’t net you the chaining effect that comes out of linking many together to form bigger wib wobs. Instead, your goal should be to pop individual bubbles to get two larger wib balls of the same kind closer together; this will increase your chances of the newly combined bubble leaving behind a bonus ball when you pop it. A bonus ball makes all of the the surrounding wib wob balls larger. By continuing to make larger wib wobs, you’ll be able to deal more damage more quickly as the wib wobs leave behind more bonus balls. This ultimately means less chaining.


While this game is free, you do have the option to pay for more coins and spirits. Honestly, though, I have been playing this game daily for three weeks and have not spent any money on it. Engaging in battles costs you a spirit. However, the spirit gauge refills as time goes on, allowing you to keep playing. You can also win more spirit energy by doing well in battles. This is probably a great timer for players, because you are likely find yourself like me: wanting to replay levels repeatedly to befriend that cool-looking Yo-Kai who vaguely reminds you of your favorite fox-like Digimon. If you can’t wait 15 minutes after your 6-7 battles, however, you can pay to play. I haven’t found a need to pay for anything because the game is generous in allowing you to both earn extra spirit energy and to get it as a free gift from friends.


By befriending more Yo-Kai and filling your medalium with their medals, you will gain stronger allies. You can do this by using food to entice the Yo-Kai enemies to join your team; it isn’t guaranteed, but eventually your enemies will become your friends if you are patient and determined. Additionally, the game manages to feel less like grinding when you have to fight certain Yo-Kai again, because having additional members of the same kind increases your Yo-Kai’s Soultimate move. A Soultimate move is what your Yo Kai friend releases when enough of its wib wobs have been combined.

As if this wasn’t comprehensive enough, there are also various objectives you can aim to complete during your battles. Some examples include the following: tapping less than 80 wib wobs per match, completing the battle in under a minute, using a specific Yo-Kai, or ending the clash with a Soultimate move. Completing three extra tasks will net you a star; there are three potential stars for each level. These are just extra goals and can sometimes open hidden paths on the main map.


Overall, Level-5 has provided a fluid and genuinely enjoyable mobile experience at no cost to players, and this should definitely be on the play-through list for all mobile gamers. It is also an exemplary model for what free-to-play titles should look like. I highly recommend giving this one a try; you can’t go wrong with wib wobs and Yo-Kai.

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