Here is Zombie Tsunami official version on the PC game. Zombie Tsunami is kind of horror attractive game which is extremely attractive. Zombie Tsunami gameplay gives players different feeling. Instead of going to destroy the zombies again, they intend to destroy human zombie. Let’s download game Zombie Tsunami Windows and participate in the uprising determined bunch vibrant. In Zombie Tsunami game, the player’s task is to join the war of cloud Zombies, attack people in cities across the country in the world. In game,  killing and eating someone means that you are adding a new member to add to your zombies army.


Playing the Zombie Tsunami is very simple, you just need to control rebel army of zombies in order to attack as many people as possible and to overcome obstacles such as deep holes, bombs or vehicles on the road. During the migration process, there will be a lot of items that help you get scores like the gold coins and many others. Please try to pick up as much as possible to buy and upgrade equipment for your army of Zombies.

Also, along the way there are other special item boxes which help your army get the special ability in the limited time, such as flying in a vacuum, or becoming golden armor of Ninja. Besides that, there will be the task for you to do as collected 5 Zombies … Please complete the task well to collect more extra points and upgrade your level. Download game Zombie Tsunami for your PC to participate the game and have the most effective relaxation.

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