Zombies in pop culture – Play zombies game Pop free online

Zombies in Pop culture – Play zombies game Pop free online – is a funny free online match3 game. For sure, you will have useful relaxing time with zombies Pop game.


Reviews Zombies in Pop culture – Play zombies game Pop free online

Scott James

Very Addictive! 😉 Keep the level updates coming.. I haven’t had the zombies game Pop long and im over level 600! I can play 4ever lol The only issue is the loreal ad. It freezes seriously bad! 5 mins sometimes 4a 30second ad. Plz fix this issue!?

Mario Camarillo

The game is okay. There are WAAAAAY too many ads (after every.single.level.). Also, the game will go so far before making you use credits to unlock and complete additional levels. It’s good for passing the time, not much more afterward.

Justin Arrington

I am extremely colorblind and it is impossible for me to tell the difference between the green and yellow balls. The only way I can tell a difference between the blue and purple is one has an outline around it.

Please make this more colorblind friendly. I would rate this much higher if it used textures as well or in place of colors.

Bubble Shooter Artworks

Hi, The levels will become more challenging as you advance in the game. that’s where the power ups at the bottom of the screen come in. Use them at the right moment, as they can help you solve the puzzle. keep trying, and let us know how it goes 🙂 Best of luck, Ilyon Support.

moe rivas

Advertisement between every level and in almost every game to upgrade just gets very annoying.

Corey Mah

Half the time when I use the bomb, the game freezes and I have to exit and re-do the level again.

The new update is the reason I won’t be playing this game anymore. I’m on level 900 and something and now every single level is full of balls with different things that are against you. Way too much and not fun to play anymore.

Zombies in Pop culture.

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